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Going Where the Wild Things Are

Going Where the Wild Things Are

This week I learned how to find the Wild Things. I stumbled across an announcement for Maurice Sendak: 50 Years, 50 Works in Reno, Nevada. We live near Reno. We could visit! I was sure the dates had passed but they hadn't. And it just so happened that the one Saturday that we could visit was the Wild Rumpus celebration. What luck :) So we drove over the mountains and through the woods to Where the Wild Things Are.


And found a wonderful museum. The Nevada Museum of Art gave awesome art adventures.

wpid10806-NevadaArtApril122014-2.jpgA giant elevator for carrying large artworks to other floors was big enough for a party. We visited the rooftop and found lovely views.


And interactive art that amused Ian (mostly).

wpid10828-NevadaArtApril122014-13.jpg wpid10830-NevadaArtApril122014-14.jpg wpid10832-NevadaArtApril122014-15.jpgThe Sendak exhibit shared illustrations, lithographs, sculpture, and Max's boat.

Anika and Ian made tambourines for their own Wild Rumpus.

We visited a gallery of Italian Baroque paintings (I wasn't sure if I was allowed to photograph in that area). The tambourines were only a little distracting. We hope :)

From there, we found a contemporary art exhibit, which inspired even more discussion. Can tape and magazine cuttings be called art? Yes indeed :)

What amazed me was that Anika sat in the masking-tape chair and I snapped the photos. It wasn't until I went to post one on Instagram that I realized the wall behind her had an illusion of a vanishing horizon. In the room, so many elements overwhelmed me that I didn't even notice. Another reason I love photography :)

From there we made our own Wild Things crowns and saw Curious George. They didn't want to pose with him. Ian hid behind me, actually :)

King and Queen of the Wild Things!

Ian realized he could turn his crown upside down for a new look :)

wpid10869-RenoAdventureiphoneApril122014-25.jpgWhat a great surprise of a day!

The Sendak exhibit is up until April 27, 2014. If you are anywhere nearby, go go go :)

We will be returning to the museum for sure. We all loved seeing the art in person. Even the graphic Italian Baroque paintings. I told Ian they were the YouTube of their day, sharing stories with everyone. He was amazed.

Off to see what little adventures Sunday holds. The King and Queen of Wild Things want to go to the park :)

Wishing you happy adventures!



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