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A Giveaway and New Wedding Pricing

A Giveaway and New Wedding Pricing

A bride and groom contact us about their wedding. They want beautiful images of their day. How much does professional photography cost?

We send information. And the conversation quietly ends. 

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It’s not that we are crazy-expensive. It’s that many couples work with smaller budgets. They value beautiful images, yet struggle to make ends meet. We’ve been there. Our wedding was creative and fun. And also a big effort to keep affordable. 

We believe that many couples are missing out on the opportunity for heirloom images because of pricing. We want to bridge the gap between the desire for images and the ability to afford those images. Many brides and grooms choose to have their Uncle Joe or neighbor or friend photograph the wedding because traditional pricing structures feel out of reach. 

So we created a brand new pricing structure. One that will help us pay our family bills (which is important too) while making photography more accessible for more families. 

When you book us, you book our time, experience, equipment, and talent. When we come to a wedding, we are two photographers with cameras and backup cameras, flash set ups and tripods. We edit the photos afterwards (hours and hours). 

That investment means that brides and grooms relax and enjoy their day. They don’t need to worry about coordinating photo locations (we scout those), or wrangling family members for portraits. They get to mingle with friends and family instead of wondering if Uncle Joe (who agreed to take photos) is hitting up the champagne a little early. 

And images are posted online in a gallery with optional privacy controls. Uncle Joe isn’t reading emails eight months after the event wondering if he can share the photos soon. And Uncle Joe can even order twenty prints of his champagne toast without asking for a copy of that photo, you know the one… Could you email that one to him? And twenty other images for Grandma and thirty for your mom? They can browse the gallery and choose their favorites from their own homes (not hovering over the couple’s shoulder at the next family gathering).

The stress of expensive wedding packages goes away with our system. You no longer need to skip an album because it’s in the top tier package, or choose the package with the Least Disappointment, you know, the most you can afford while giving up on things you really want because they’re just too much money.

With our new system, you pay for our time. And you get a gift certificate to spend on creating your own Photography Package. Yes, we are giving you money to spend on photography. You want an album? Done. Or digital images? Done. What about an enlargement for above the mantle? Done. You choose what is important to you. 

At the same time, we commit to your experience being amazing. We will not book multiple weddings on the same day (or even the same weekend). We treat each couple with genuine enthusiasm and attention to detail.

We are so excited to share our new plan with couples planning their wedding. Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming. We would rather that planning be fun. And exciting. And awesome.

Click here for get in touch with us for all the details about our new pricing! We're excited to share! Now, to the giveaway!

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What's your favorite wedding tradition? Or a new tradition?

I love homemade contributions to a wedding. When someone makes the wedding cake topper, I love that. I also love when families pitch into a collaborative project. We've made quilt squares for a few families and friends. The finished quilt is always a treasure! 

*Our Giveaway has ended this time! Keep checking the blog for our next opportunity to win a photo session :)

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