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Gift Print Worksheet

Gift Print Worksheet

Once upon a time, we received a stack of photos when we developed film. We would sort them into a group of favorites, choose one or two for a frame. Then look at the favorites again to order reprints, or enlargements, for friends and family.

Nowadays, images are digital. They scroll on screens in virtual galleries. They fill the screen with colorful moments. Sorting them is tricky. Choosing which ones to print can feel overwhelming. So they languish on hard drives or online galleries with vague promises that choosing tomorrow, or next week, is better than choosing today.

So I challenged myself to create materials that can help all of us get those photos out of cyberspace and into our hands, into frames, even into random collections in boxes that will be found fifty years from now... Just get them printed. And given to the people who will care most about them.

The quest can feel like a big climb. I needed to make the process easier for myself, and hopefully others too.

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This worksheet seems simple, yet it will help organize information so that you can choose prints to order for family and friends. It is useful for everything from school photos, to sessions, to your own vacation photo collection. 

Click here for the Gift Print Worksheet

Start with the Lucky Ones (you can include yourself). Then write which size you would like to give (or keep for yourself). If you are wanting more than one image for a Lucky One (like grandma), use more than one row for different sizes. 

Then choose the image. My images are named with a number at the end, so look for a number at the end of the file name to write which image to print.

Then, if you know, fill out the pricing. This helps you keep track of your investment. I can pass along a pricing sheet for Lenkaland Prints that you can print and keep nearby if that's helpful. Just click here to send me an email to ask

My way is to first write a list of people who I want to give prints, especially around the holidays. Then I print the worksheet. Open the gallery with images. And start writing images and sizes. 

Then I imagine the happy look on their face when they receive their print. Everyone loves images of people they love.

And now I'm inspired to go back through recent adventures so I can choose a few for our own home. My kids love seeing their favorite moments on the walls. So do I :)

Let's jump in...


I hope the worksheet helps! How do you help yourself choose photos to print when you have hundereds to choose from? Analysis paralysis is real. Let's inspire each other to break through it. 

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