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Generous Universe

"I want a horse," Anika says from the back seat.  "Maybe we can buy one at the horse show." "Well . . ."  Is it time for real-mommy-reality-check, or fantasy-mommy-anything-is-possible reaction?  "I don't think River would like a horse in the yard."  River is our dog.  He is perfect for the sly third-door answer.  She can't argue with River.

"Maybe a little horse."

"Hmmm."  Evasive-mommy answer.

We're driving to the Mother Lode Horse Show (more on that later).  We pass a home with a springy horse toy on the lawn. Oh, I want one for Anika.  Only the ones that I see these days are for such little kids and/or expensive like this one at Amazon for $146.

Not going to happen.  So maybe I'll check the classifieds, I think.  Maybe Craig's List.  How do I find a used springy-horse for a 6 year old?  I need to find out.  Anika would love it.

And we pull up to the fairgrounds for the Motherlode Horse Show and across the street I see Kid's Swap Meet.  About ten sun-umbrellas cover blankets of stuffies, boardgames, and eclectic fun outgrown-goodies.  We park and walk over and . . . a springy horse!  Old, yes, a little dirty, a little funky, but a horse all the same.  And big!  Anika climbs right on.  It will be way too much, I think, before I see the $5 sticker. "We'll buy it.".

We bring the car over and the horse won't fit but a friend from school has her truck and, sure, she'll drop it by our house later, and this generous dad will carry it over to the truck.

So Anika came home with a horse after all.  Even River likes the horse just fine :)

Thank you universe!


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