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Gamer Girrls

Anika stayed home from school with snuffles today.  Last night she was a chainsaw sleeping in our bed.  She climbs in with us late at night, though last night it was earlier since she didn't feel well. She and I spent a valuable day with Star Wars Lego.  Occasional breaks for Spongebob and Monsters, Inc.  She's still sounding yucky, but a little better.  We all got a nap in the afternoon.  Yay.  But chores are not done.  Oh well.

I must say she and I are gamer girrls.  We aren't the hardcore gamers.  No, we're stereotypical girls.  Give us animals, a story, and easy gameplay, and we're hooked.  We only play for hours like today when she's sick, otherwise we walk away after a set time.  Our favorite games right now are Fable 2, Sims 2, Spore, and Lego Star Wars.  I hear a Sims 3 is coming out, but after investing in chapters of Pets and Nightlife and Seasons, I'm not eager to start all over.  Besides, won't the 2 games be even cheaper?  While they're still available?

Off to fold laundry.  One query out for Dirt today.  I think I messed up and said multiple submission when I mean simultaneous submission.  I just read a blog on the difference.  Multiple means sending more than one project to the same agency.  Simultaneous means sending out the same project to more than one agent.  Oops.

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