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Frontiers of LenkaLand

New frontiers in LenkaLand. I joined twitterfeed to post blog entries to Twitter and Facebook, which hopefully won't lead to too many duplicates with Twitxr and Youtube posts.  The entire spiderwebbing of aps is starting to boggle me.  Aps being a word that I didn't know two months ago, yet it feels entirely common today.  Aps are the applications that link these services together.  For example, I use the Flickr Ap (or Widget) in Wordpress to automatically post my pictures on my website.  It's quite a knotted little world, really.  So, the breakdown of what I have going on today: LiveJournal and Wordpress for blogging/web site (Wordpress is better with the Widgets so I can post Flickr pictures and Twitter updates straight to my website)

Facebook and Twitter for social networking and quick posts

Twitxr to post pictures right away into Facebook and Twitter, and Flickr for organizing said pictures

Youtube for videos

Now Twitterfeed for automatically posting links from blogs to twitter and, thus, Facebook.

It's incredible power and incredible bewilderment :).  Linking them all together isn't difficult.  There's usually a link to aps or widgets on the page.  Now all  I need is an ap to organize all of my aps :)

Anika Fairy