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Fishing with Barbie

Photos from Sunday. Ian woke with gorgeous bedhead that I just had to capture. The sun was shining, actually shining! So we went outside for awhile. But the weather was too spectacular for an ordinary day. So we packed up the fishing poles and took bagels and popcorn to a local creek. Anika has a Barbie fishing pole and Ian has Spongebob. The kids are at the golden age where hooks aren't part of the story, so they toss the butterfly weight and plankton weight into the water to spin and retrieve it again. Anika does take it pretty seriously, and decided midway through the day that fish didn't live in this part of the creek. So throwing rocks was a better use of time.

My best use of time was sitting on the bank and letting the hours slip on past.  I loved how Ian managed to catch himself (watch the video).  I'll go fishing with Barbie any day . . .

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