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First Day at the Nevada County Fair

It's fair time again in Nevada County!  Anika entered Pumpkin in the fair, so we go every day to take care of him.  He won third for mini-rexes, first for fur, and Anika won 6th for Showmanship.  She was brave.  We'll build on her skills for next year.  She had a great time, which is the most important thing.  We did a little loop around the attractions last night.  Here are a few of their favorite things.

Anika made a presentation to share what life is like with Pumpkin.  Her favorite thing?  Her bunny is cuddly.

Pumpkin staying at the fair.  He is making bunny friends.

Anika's Oomee Bear won First Place!

Watching before getting close.  They both stood for awhile.  Something in the way they stood compelled me to take a photo.  Shared energy.

Ian just before he says, "No you take picture of me."

An African Porcupine, which I really wanted to take home.  Really.

Baby alligator.  They have a plan for when he gets bigger.  They have a few already at their zoo away from the fair.  This little fellow was very mellow.  For now.

About the cutest thing ever- a baby miniature donkey only one month old.  Yes, he is as soft as he looks.  We want to bring him home, too.

We visit him every day on the way into and out of the fair.  He is incredibly sweet.

Many more adventures to come!

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