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We field-tripped to the Imaginarium and Mud Hut with Anika today.  Ian slapped at a chunk of clay while Anika molded a mountain and river and arctic fox. The Imaginarium science museum was a nice playground for Anika and sleep-zone for Ian, who I carried in the Moby-wrap. I arrived home with a long list of chores but ended up lying down with Ian and crashing out.  We slept and slept and Anika crawled into bed with us and slept too so the afternoon slipped away dreamy.  Very nice.

I turned on the news, not for bad news, but for good news.  What a concept.  What changes happened today?

I like that feeling.  Let's keep it awhile.

Lost priemere tonight!!  Though I didn't get a chance to watch the recap of last season so I will be ... lost :).  But I'll remember.

Better get a few of those chores done . . .

I Love our President

January 20, 2009