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Family Adventures

A little adventure for us driving down the hill.  Anika and Ian rode the carousal in the mall.  Ian was jumping out his stroller in excitement, then clung to me once his horse moved.  He wasn't so sure anymore. We found a koi cover for my phone.

Found  fuzzy pants for Anika after a great hunt.  She calls them hip hop pants because they're size 7 and a little oversize.  I found them in a boys' section (shh, don't tell her).  All the girls' clothes were thin and perfect for indoor-play.  We found the same thing when she was toddler and we searched for warm winter clothes.  Boys get the thick, cushy fabrics.  Not that it really mattered, because spring had arrived at the mall.  All Easter dresses and tank tops.  Whew, time races.

I managed a couple of hours before my legs rebelled.  Feet are still unhappy.

Oh, we got Ian and Anika a little basketball hoop.  They're already wildly entertained.  Video soon.

Tomorrow we help Deda celebrate his birthday.  Fun never ends :)

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