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Two days of wild winds and our backyard is a strewn with leaves.  The pool . . . good luck seeing the pool through the leaves and pine needles.  I couldn't resist a little trip to the backyard with the camera.  This was my favorite photo of the day.  I love how I can see the water bending around the leaf.  Holding up.  For now.

The sad deep end of the pool.  The water isn't even under trees.  It's just the wind.  Blowing in strong gusts and flinging leaves everywhere . . . I found the patterns beautiful.  My husband just walked in saw a lot of work.  "What a mess," he said.  Oh my.

I tried to catch a sense of the wind, but I wasn't having much luck.  I caught the end of a gust, or a beginning, but it all seemed too still in the photos.  The trees swayed and danced themselves naked :)

My favorite leaf of the day (and the yard is covered in leaves).  This one caught my eye, all darkness and fire.  A song of nature, alive and dying and lovely.

I photographed a big tree in the yard.  Tried, unsuccessfully to catch a leaf midair on film. Then these little jewels caught my eye from tthe shadows.  Perfectly striped green on red, catching the last afternoon sun.

Magical.  The best part?  The whole time I was outside (which was only about ten minutes because I can't handle cold at all anymore, and Ian has an ear infection, and Anika had a giant stack of homework, and, and, and . . . ) oh, yeah, the best part?  Getting out there.  Having the energy to make the effort to capture these wild fleeting days. That was the gift.  My feet hurt like crazy today, but the fatigue wan't so bad.  Maybe the medicine is working after all :)

Happy last days of Autumn.

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