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By the time I sit here, the day is a blur.  Busy blur.  Today was fun.  The kids at school were in a good mood.  Ian ran to me when I picked him up for a big mama-hug.  He laughed all evening.  He plays with Anika now.  He set up a place at the easel, then pulled a chair over for her.  He was quite perturbed when she walked away to find a pencil sharpener.  He creates games.  In the bath, they put cups on their hands and sword-fight banging the cups together until a cup falls off, when they both giggle crazy-silly.  Whoever thought that watching two kids play would be the best fun of my life? I'm getting a new phone.  No more pink Razor.  I'm upgrading to the Eris.  I hoped that Verizon would work out a deal with the iphones, but no such luck.  Still, I'm excited for a data plan, pictures, movies, apps.  A whole new adventure.

Sheesh, Bear destroyed his toy.  I better go clean up.

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