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Easter Skirt

Lenka's Easter SkirtI was so happy with how this skirt turned out!  It's very simple.  The main fabric was about 3/4 yard.  I bought a yard and cut a few inches off to sew Anika's Mama/Daughter skirt (finishing that soon).  The trim fabric was a half yard.  And I found decorative bias tape with embroidered detail for the hem.  Perhaps I'll add a close up of the hem later.  I cut both pieces in half and sewed them together, then cut a slight A-line to them.  I sewed a casing for elastic along the top and the pretty bias tape along the bottom and, ta-da!  My fancy new skirt. I think I'm hooked.  We have a great fabric store locally for these great prints and more, but I'm curious if anyone has online sources that they love.  I'd love some more eclectic fabrics.  Also, if anyone's interested, maybe I'll do a walk-through one day.

Happy happy Easter!