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Owls everywhere in the Dragonfly Class. Asia and I both had ideas for owls and we planned to keep the projects going for a few days.

Then the kids were so exicited! And we have the entire week off next week for Thanksgiving. So, why not spend let the kids see their vision through all in one day?  And we had the parent helpers to make it happen . . . Thirty-two owls with kindergarten and first grade students in about three hours.  Phew!

The project was worth it, though!  Asia designed the sweet stuffed-owls with button-decorated pockets on the front.  I had the owlet finger puppets.  When finished, the little owls tucked into the big owl's pocket.  Perfect!  The last picture shows baby owls tucked into the pockets.  The kids scampered off delighted with their little owl family.  Mom or Dad and baby.

I love seeing kids create their own toys.  They were amazed.  "I can't believe it's possible," they said.  "I made this!"

Yes, we believe in thirty-six impossible things before breakfast (or lunch).

And, yes, that is the view from our classroom window.  We are a lucky school!  Hooot!


Angels and Owls and 4:30am