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Do Zombies Dream?

Why oh why do kids wake up so early on weekends?  Weekdays, these two will slumber away until almost 8am if I let them.  Weekends, I'm lucky if they make it past 7am.  So I guess this morning I'm lucky.  They slept until 7:20. Oh, I had zombie dreams.  I just remembered.  Something about . . . They couldn't come out in the daytime.  The scary part was trying to prepare for them, wondering if we had done enough, if we were hidden enough for the onslaught at twilight (similar to I Am Legend, I suppose).  And they wouldn't attack if they thought you were one of them.  So the trick was playing off a convincing zombie.  Shuffling with out-of-focus eyes and consuming hunger.  One hint of life, though, one flinch, and they were on you.  We found someone rich with a yacht and the plan was to sail around the world stopping for occasional supplies.

Wonder if that connects to my rockstar story.  Could someone in my mountain town have a yacht? . . . They tried that solution in some movie.  Found zombies on the island anyway.  Still, it's an idea.

The story has grown beyond my original plan.  I'm upping the word count to around 5000 words.  Mostly because I'm at 2500 right now and the crisis is still ahead.  I could spend a novel exploring this situation, these characters.  But I don't want a novel right now.  I want a short story.  I can be disciplined.    Creativity is hard to contain.

Ian learned crawling this week!  At least, he learned kicking pushing in a forward direction.  He looks like he's swimming towards his goal.  Nothing is safe.  Fortunately it's still a lot of work and he's slow.  For now.  He's also not sleeping very well as he adjusts to this new moving-through-the-world self.  Which means I don't sleep well.

Sleep deprivation = zombie-mommy

Anika's sick.  Two days now of on the couch, endless movies and Spongebob sick.  Stomach bug.  Enough said.  We're all looking forward to Better.  Last night she was in the bath and so sad.  Nothing's the same when you're sick.  It's not the same. Poor thing.

I did get a garden area cleared of dry stuff yesterday.  The weather is absolutely freakin' gorgeous.  Looks like another perfect spring day today.  I have ideas for a zen garden.  Do I have the energy?

Off to write my story.  Updated progress meter with longer finish line:

2531 / 5000 words. 51% done!

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