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Dance Party in the Sky

20130211-220802.jpgI saw this sky last Friday. The sun lit up clouds with silver linings. Only they were more than silver. They were bright. Light. Happy. I posted this photo on Instagram with the title Silver Lining Sky.

I thought of my CMT friends. We are so great at finding silver linings. We laugh at our shoe-shopping adventures. We commiserate and share stories and make this journey a beautiful, wild delight. My friends would appreciate this sky. I knew.

Then I sat at my computer and this sky is not silver lining anymore. It's a dance for angels. Because I learned that one of my CMT friends was found in her home that morning. Found and lost. They don't know why. She was only 41.

Christine Hook had her own blog, Grace Lines. We swapped stories and comments. She and I were both featured in the CMT edition of Artist's World Magazine. She was hopeful and genuinely kind. I can't believe she's gone.

She received the CMTA Star Award for her efforts fundraising and supporting the quest for a cure. She won't see that cure, but she will inspire all of us to keep moving towards that dream.

I expect to see her comments here again. I don't want our conversation to end. All of us who knew her were lucky. We can leave notes for her family here so they know how much she meant to friends all over the world.

This is her sky. Light. Dancing. A lovely, lovely day.

She will be missed. 20130211-222911.jpg Through the Forest, To the Trees by Christine Ann Hook

I miss you! But I know you have a sparkling new pair of shoes for that dance party in the sky :). Dance, dance, dance :)

Living with CMT, Day 14,833

Living with CMT, Day 14,833

Love Fairy

Love Fairy