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Back home after exciting adventures in Berkeley.  Gio got tickets to the sold out Arcade Fire concert at the Greek Amphitheater.  I had many concerns (yes, fears) but agreed to give it a try.  Standing in a crowded amphitheater for five, six hours sounded daunting.  Even though I love Arcade Fire. But happy endings!  They had accessible seating!  We had great seats, yes seats, so I got to sit as much as I wanted and could stand for the songs that I really enjoyed.  Hurrah!

Concert Seating

The podcast this week will feature tips and tricks we learned for attending concerts.  I'd love to hear any of your stories.  And I had a thought because out of 8,000 people, only about 10-15 used the accessible seating.  So, I wondered if we made disability more socially acceptable, would services be more or less accessible?

Just a thought.  Because I know there were other people like me out there, being punk rock in the general areas because asking for help is a tough wall to climb sometimes.

Lots of material for the podcast this week.  Hopefully I get to record tomorrow.

Oh, and first night away from Ian forever.  So about three years since I slept without kids around.  I slept until 10am.  Sleep is good!

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