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CMT Awareness Week September 19-25

Next week is the first ever National CMT awareness week-hurrah!  Lots of events planned and I'll try to keep the information flowing in the blog.  The central organizers are the Charcot Marie Tooth Association.  You can visit the official CMT Awareness Site here. This week I want to support the cause with a CMT awareness podcast.  I will record on Sunday so it will be posted on Monday, September 19 as part of the kick-off events.

I want stories, experiences, insights, and you!  Leave your story in the comments or email me.  If you would like to talk to me on the show, send an email my way and I'll set it up.

Charcot Marie Tooth affects 1 in 2500 people.  Every day, people hear they will be living with CMT for the rest of their lives (or until we find a cure).  We are writing the story for all of them.  Our shared resilience, insights, and tricks for living fun, enriching lives will help millions.  Help me out!  Let's make this week the beginning of a time where we no longer have to explain what it means to live with hereditary neuropathy.  Thanks for your help!

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Want inspiration?  What is your biggest challenge with CMT?  How has your life changed?  What have you learned about yourself and the world?  What is your favorite moment?  Any surprises?  Insights?  Any favorite coping techniques?  What advice would you give someone just diagnosed with CMT?

Thank you thank you thank you!!

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