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Chosen Kitty

20120401-222713.jpg He chose her. She chose him. It's a lovely thing, a girl and her cat.

A few weeks ago, as the whole story of her learning challenges sank deep, we wanted to give her inspiration. We searched for a companion cat online. Every kitten that we adored would be adopted just before we called, or would have health challenges, or would be unsuitable for a home with children. Each time she was disappointed. I told her that animals choose us, too. They find a way to be with us. So this weekend we took a chance and visited the Sacramento Save our Shelter.

We visited with many cats. Shy cats. Big cats. Furry cats. Cats who climbed the walls to get away from Ian (poor cat- we didn't stay long). We met up with an awesome volunteer who didn't give up. We didn't require a tiny kitten. Just a young cat that was friendly and enjoyed playing. Anika shared with our helper about her dyslexia and the volunteer shared that she had Aspergers. Power to the different!

The volunteer had the idea that Ian and I could stay with a few cats while Anika and Giovanni met others without a crazy little brother underfoot. I was ready to talk Anika into another visit, another day, by that point.

So I I surprised when they returned with paperwork for Flash. This year-old boy was calm and sweet, playful and safe. The perfect cat. Anika renamed him Tiger.

He is settling into his new home. He was taken from an abandoned house. He spooks with loud noises and it will take time to build trust. But he's also super-cuddly and gentle with the kids. We all lucked out. How wonderful to be chosen :)


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