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Chinese New Year in Nevada City, 2014

Chinese New Year in Nevada City, 2014

Happy Year of the Horse!

Last weekend was a gorgeous celebration with lions and dragons :)

Rain brought the celebration indoors at the Miner's Foundry.

We arrived early, which was good, because the lions needed a lot of room for dancing! We saw them getting ready for the show- which helped my kids realize they didn't need to be afraid when the lions arrived.

wpid10582-ChineseNewYear2014-1.jpg wpid10584-ChineseNewYear2014-2.jpg wpid10586-ChineseNewYear2014-3.jpg wpid10588-ChineseNewYear2014-4.jpg

I had to photograph Ian's rainboots. Seriously, I need these in my size.

Then the lions appeared. One after another. Beautiful!


wpid10596-ChineseNewYear2014-8.jpg wpid10600-ChineseNewYear2014-10.jpg

They danced, then made room for the dragon.

The dragon arrived all calm and graceful.

wpid10592-ChineseNewYear2014-6.jpg wpid10594-ChineseNewYear2014-7.jpgThen the lions returned. They had many tricks up their sleeves. Jumping tall and eating lettuce only to spit it back all over the audience (a symbol of good luck :))


They were such fun! We loved their little tails, and a few had great wagging-moves :)

wpid10602-ChineseNewYear2014-11.jpg wpid10611-ChineseNewYear2014-15.jpg

The audience (after being flung with lettuce which you can see all over the floor) got to feed dollars in red envelopes.  Bravo to Eastern Ways Martial Arts Lion Dance Team for the incredible show! I love seeing the enjoyment in the audience smiling!

This lion chased its tail!

wpid10613-ChineseNewYear2014-16.jpg wpid10608-ChineseNewYear2014-14.jpg

We loved the reveal, when they got to take off the costumes for a few moments to bow. "Look, mom, kids!" my own kids exclaimed.

wpid10606-ChineseNewYear2014-13.jpg wpid10604-ChineseNewYear2014-12.jpg

We learned about the different dance moves and stories. What a spectacular treat!

Afterwards, Grass Valley Taiko Drumming inspired more new year celebrating.


And the audience was a big part of the show :)


Everyone enjoyed welcoming the New Year. We hope this year brings everyone love, joy, and wonder!

The full gallery by Lenkaland is here:

Giovanni's photos are here:

Another amazing event in Nevada City at the Foundry! Thank you to all the organizers and performers!

YearoftheHorseGoing to be a good year :)


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