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Children's Festival

Our town believes in magic.  Every year dedicated adults organize this amazing event for children in the local park.  Supplies are donated so after the $3 entry free, all crafts are free.  From wooden swords to stonecarving, kids step into a fantastical world.  A troll guards the bridge and requires sticks or leaves as toll.  He has red eyes.  Really.  Red eyes.  I was a little too scared to take a picture.  He might have gone real-troll on me.

Then we discovered the massive metal dragon made from horseshoes and skeleton keys and other valuable trinkets.  It breathes fire.  Ian and Anika were somewhere between impressed and terrified.

She is protecting him.

Before leaving the house, a friend visited us because her dad was volunteering at the wood-scrap, hammers, and nails table.  The girls wore fairy wings so of course Ian needed fairy wings, too.  We all learned that fairy wings are a pain.  Especially in a stroller.

Anika wanted him up to be a goblin-baby first.  But he wouldn't wear the hat.  That's goblins for you.

Another magical day for children.  And adults, too!

Las Vegas, Day 2

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