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Celebration Jansen-Style

Bubbles, hot tubs, basketball in the dark, Magic card games, and gourmet delectables galore must mean the Jansens are in town! The gathering was not planned. It simply gathered momentum as the weekend approached.

We feasted on organic prosciutto, yummy lasagna, salad with fixings of candied pecans and crumbly blue cheese, deserts of homemade bread pudding and orange-poppyseed cake with whipped cream and strawberries.  Cherry cheesecake.  Cookies with chocolate.  Everyone brought something and created a feast of abundance.  The good spirits flowed as free as . . . the conversations :).

Grandma enjoyed the festivities.  She oohed and ahhed over the babies (Ian who is hardly ababy anymore and Lucas, who is as adorable as a baby can be).  She sipped tea and soaked up all the laughing and fun and love in this family she helped raise.

We sure enjoyed seeing each other!  Can't wait for the next event!

Beach Day

Saturday at the Beach