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Catching Up To Time

Ha!  Like catching up is even possible :) Regardless, today I woke up wanting to get photos up to date.  I really try to stay on top of them, because they pile up so fast :).  And editing last Sunday, I found sweet milestones for the kids.

Ian got new shoes!

Star Wars Shoes

And not ordinary shoes.  Star Wars shoes!  From Stride Right if you are curious and/or need them for you little Jedi.  He calls them "shu, shu" like Darth Vader breathing, his shuu, shuu shoes and he won't take them off for anything.  After all, they make him run faster.

Ian Runs

And dance better

Ian Dance

They may have inspired his outfit, his first pick-my-own-pajamas outfit, when he pulled clothes out of the drawer and screamed if I suggested changes.  Like maybe the pirate shirt.  The funny thing is that the soccer shirt  has the same exact colors as the shorts.  Future fashion designer?

Cool Outfit

Outside, the kids jumped into the new car.  Not my new car-no new car for me.  No, a friend of Anika's outgrew this awesome vehicle and gave it to Ian.  For now, they both fit!


Anika also got shoes the day before.  A milestone for her because these shoes are different from all of her other shoes.

Tie Shoes

"Mom, I want tie-shoes," she said.  I took a deep breath because I imagined all of the frustration.  But she is seven . . .

Tying a Shoe


She learned in one day!  Hurrah!  She still likes them, too, which is always a good sign.  I'm doing my part to keep the shoe-tying tradition alive :).  Though it was tricky to find shoes that tie.  Most of the shoes in the store had elastic ties or a few rows of fixed-ties with velcro.  Shoe tying may be a dying art :)

A gorgeous morning so I photographed flowers :).  Even dandelions are beautiful.  The gallery is here if you want new free computer backgrounds.


Such a busy day, we wore the little Clone Trooper out :)

Clone Trooper Sleeps

Nevada County Fair

Ian is Growing