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Catching Up

I've fallen behind on our story.  We woke up to this one morning.

Not what I expected.  By afternoon, the sun had returned and Ian and I played outside with birds.

And Bear.

Dada came home from work.

Flowers were blooming.

And Ian rode his horse off into the sunset :)

The next day I set up his scrambled eggs on his little table.  He sat so formal for awhile, his little toes curled around the bars of the chair because he doesn't touch the floor.

He soon decided that Mama has awkward plans.  He set up his meal in a much better way.

We played, then picked up Anika after school. We visited the library, a wonderland of stories . . .

Then came home to play more . . . Very fun days.

The exciting small delights of days that slip past unnoticed. I catch you, days. Here you stay. Here I remember you. With gratitude.

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