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The bunny's name is now Pumpkin.  Pumpkin Cuddles.  Punky or Punker for short name.  He'll be very fancy with all of his names soon :).  We only had one moment where he had enough and kicked at Anika a bit and freaked her out.  His little claws don't damage much, luckily.  It was a wake-up call for her though.  He isn't a stuffie.  Despite that moment, he's mostly calm and very patient.  He'll figure us out :).  It's a busy day for a little bunny.   Bunny

He'll be fine. :)

A funny moment that had nothing to do with Pumpkin.  Ian has his own outfit-ideas these days.  He insists on a few favorite items.  Tonight, he decided he like pajama shorts and pants.  I told him to get a shirt.  I give him more choice and freedom instead of walking back to the bedroom :).  He usually returns with a shirt.  Tonight, it was one pair of shorts, then pants and another pair of pants.  He kept insisting that I put them on him, until he was a puffy pajama-boy :)

We took all but the first pair off before bed.  He'd be sweltering :).

I hope to record a podcast in the next couple of days.  One thought that I had, because I'm contending with another Flare Up these days, is how we normalize our lives.  Studies on lottery-winners find that they quickly return to a very similar mindset/emotional compass after the initial euphoria.  I wonder if anyone has studied the other direction.  A month ago, with this cold, I gave myself lots of time and room for neglecting chores.  I needed to get better, after all.  A month later and the cold isn't as dramatic.  The chores are still here.  And I find myself rising up to all of my previous expectations.  Despite added challenges.

Even with my two year old, and my seven year old (did I mention no school this week?) and my cold, and my CMT, I still feel that I fall short of my potential for the day.  It's my own perception, I know, and I need to adjust expectations rather than chase an impossible space, but, still . . .

How do I turn disappointment into accomplishment?  How do I change normal without feeling like I'm giving up?

I don't have the answer.  Just asking lots of questions :)

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