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Bubbles, Horse Races, and Fairy Houses

A lovely weekend with the sun shining bright.  We got outside even though the wind was bitter cold.  On Saturday we went on  adventures.  First in the backyard. Bubbles!

Ian found the pool equipment :).  Don't worry, there aren't any dangerous pipes or switches.  Child-safe pool pump :)

We decided that we must have a bigger adventure. We walked down to the high school track where Anika did some horse-racing.

On the walk home (see the CMT report for how that walk worked (or didn't work) for me, we found treasures! We found an oak tree with acorns all over the ground! Fairy hats! We collected pocketfuls for future pixies. Anika and Ian loved finding acorns with hats that they could take off and put back on over and over.

Then we found another treasure- acorns taking root in the ground! We don't get to see that very often. We collected one to share with Anika's first grade and then plant at home. The next day, we played on the thick green grass in the front yard. Anika had the brilliant inspiration- Fairy Houses! She pulled out the fairy house kit that Uncle Paul made for her at Christmas. Paul put together a perfect selection of natural wood blocks, moss, and bark. I got her a fairy door that the fairies now use to live in the rock accents along our house. She built a dance floor with daffodil-petal decorations. Meanwhile, Ian built his own pixie houses which promptly met with earthquakes as he shook the blocks to make them crash. This sent him into fits of giggling. He watched Anika's building with thoughtful contemplation. The set set with warm-butter light over us and the daffodils. We stayed outside until the chill shadows and the reminder of winter returned. We went inside with plans for future fairy houses. Future spring adventures.

Living with CMT, Day 13,769

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