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Bikes at the Park

Sunday the sun shone bright and warm so we packed up the bikes.  I thought the kids were crazy when they asked to take off their socks and shoes.  Then I figured, if they get cold, they would put the shoes back on.  The sun was lovely-warm, so the shoes stayed off.  They rode bikes on the cushy recycled surface around the play strutctures before too many kids arrived.  Ian gave me his usual charming pose these days.

Peek-a-boo . . . anyone still taking pictures?

We haven't used the bikes in awhile.  I couldn't lift them into the car for most of the summer.  And their dad hasn't been going on outings.  So Anika was pleased as peaches to get on her bike.  She's grown!

She loved the wind in her hair and building up speed.  Not too fast, though, she's cautious.  Especially with socks on her feet (I guess it was a little cold).

And we did have a helmet for her (Ian's is too big, must go back to the store for a better fit).  She wore the helmet outside the soft playground.

Happy girl with her streamers and basket.  Brings back fond memories of my own childhood.  Except we lived down a dirt road where bikes were very impractical, but still . . . who doesn't love a basket and streamers?  She played mail-delivery and brought me little leaves and found treasures.

I sat in the lush sunshine and noticed the trees budding for spring.  Spring? We've barely begun winter.  Back to sleep, tree.  Hear me?

Part of what I love about photography is when it catches little moments that would be lost otherwise.  Two kids on bikes, from the back, with Ian hunched over his handlbars, not trusting the pedals yet (he can go faster running, he says), and Anika slowing down for him to catch up.  Those training wheels will come off soon and he'll graduate to a big-boy bike.  I am so grateful that I get to watch them grow.  Watch them shine.

Even on days when he won't smile for me anymore :)

*you may not notice, but many of our outings involve activities for them where I can sit and supervise.  Most of these photos were taken when I was sitting down.  The playground photos, I was sitting on the ground, which actually gave me a fun perspective of looking up at Anika or eye-level with Ian.  In our other location, I did take a few as I walked, then I sat on the picnic table (behind Anika above) and took pictures from there.  We all win- they get to play, I get to rest (sort of :)).  Enjoying life with challenges is all about accommodations.  Most of my accommodations are so intuitive for me, I hardly notice anymore.  I'll try to share, though, in case others are looking for inspiration or ideas.  I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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