Welcome! Lenkaland shares my adventures in creative photography, raising two kids, writing, living with chronic illness, raising a daughter with dyslexia, and swimming with mermaids. Hope you have a nice stay!

The fun begins!  It is CMT Awareness week! I already had a great conversation last night with author D. Nathan Hilliard about life with CMT. Thanks, Nathan! Today I get to talk to two more CMTers and share their stories.  We're going to edit it all together and release the interviews later today.

Then, at 2pm Pacific Time, we're going live!  Yes, open to your phone calls.  I'll post technical details (like phone numbers) soon.  Tune in for the latest CMT Awareness Week announcements and event information.  Call with any question or story, it doesn't have to be a neuropathy topic.  I look forward to talking to you!

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