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Before I Forget, New Symptom?

So I found more than slot machines in Las Vegas.  I was hit with bouts of dizziness.  Even in the pictures I notice a tilt in a lot of images.  It started with elevators.  Within ten steps I got that whoa-feeling, like a roller coaster dipping out from under me.  And Vegas is the land of elevators.  I was riding ten or more a day (really!).  Soon it would hit in the middle of meals or between two sentences of a conversation.  Nothing major that had me reaching for steady stuff like walls or chairs, but still . . . left me a little motion-sick. Guess I won't be living in a penthouse :)

Now that I'm back in quiet Nevada County, the spells are subsiding.  Still, I remembered my neurologist asking about dizziness last December and I wondered why.  My quick search online found it could be issues with the proprioceptive system which is responsible for knowing where we stand in space.  More information on propioception here.

Yep, it's a nervous system response.  I was told even as a kid that I didn't know where I was in space.  If I hold my hands out straight in front of me, my fingers twitch.  I cannot hold them still even if I try.  The nuerologist said that they were trying to find where they belong.  I found that a beautiful idea.  If not a little disturbing.  It's part of why I need to see my feet to walk stairs, or see the path ahead.  Night hikes are disasters for me.  I'm dependent on sight for processing where I am in the world.

So it could just be a glitch.  I hope.  Heat didn't help either.  Phew, it's a crazy world :)

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