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I love school, Anika said as we drove in the car.  She was was so happy to see friends.  Learn again.  I am so grateful that her school is a dream-come-true for her where she feels safe and understood and important.  She has such an amazing teacher in Ms. Coral.  Thank you, Coral.  Thank you, NCSA. As for me, I put aside the morning for limited chores.  Ian was into Mommy-time and I was fine with devoting myself to him.  I need to try and keep the Monday and Tuesday morning for rest.  I felt better again today.  I even had the energy to cook Tom Ka Gai soup with chicken and shrimp for dinner.  Yum!

I went to the team meeting and faculty meeting.  Like Anika, I enjoyed seeing everyone again.  School is sparkler-busy, creative-fire, kid-laughter, and idea-factories.  Exciting and, I must admit, a little overwhelming. It takes awhile to build up the energy to meet and inspire kids at their level.  It's fun too.  Kids are happy inspiration.

Better get my rest for tomorrow.  Goodnight!

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