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Autumn in our Backyard

A few pictures from this evening.  Leaves are changing by the swingset.  The roses love this gentle fall sunshine.  A storm is supposed to arrive tomorrow so we'll see how many roses, and leaves, weather the first wet breath of winter.  Until then . . .

Anika is a Chinchilla on the Swingset

Bear is Growing!

Fall Leaves in Sunset Light

Yellow Rose at Sunset

And we are back on mission Sleeping Like a Baby.  This time, we are past bedtime (yay) and trying to get through the night without mama-snacks.  So far we had a major setback when he caught a fever.  We are on Night Two of the Second Attempt.  I am so visualizing sleep.  Sleep, Ian, sleep . . .

My Hope for Tonight

Sleeping Like a Baby

Hummingbird Picture