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I wanted a pretty, happy post.  With sparkly photos and witty reflections on my smart choices this week.  This week was better.  Not all of the way better, but a little better.  I consciously said "No" at least 4 times (out of 100 :)).  I got to a better space.  Until today when I woke up all tired and faded and crumpled like an old piece of paper.  I did a lot this week, which is not good for my Less is More plan. I created a proposal for a series of craft books for Forest Fairy Crafts.  We have three books in the works: Forest Fairy Crafts: Whimsical Crafting for Children, A Year in Fairyland: Magical Crafting with Children, and Christmas in the Forest: Holiday Crafting with Children.  Keep fingers crossed that I'll hear back soon from eager publishers :)

I updated my aunt's website.  Posted 4 craft kits on Etsy.  Entertained the kids.

I'm fried right now.  I can't remember anymore.  Oh, I made a Bumblebee Fairy.  Very sweet- I'll take photos of her tomorrow.  I planned and started a Mermaid.  Started making a few fairies since I'm supposed to be building up my inventory.

And, oh, yes, I got my minicards from Moo.com.  They are so cute!  I really need fairies so I can use these as the tags.  :)  The mushrooms don't show up well in the thumbnails, but you can see them by clicking on them.  Anika made the night mushroom.

Big BIG News!

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