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20120516-080318.jpg I need to set out another teacup at my Mad Tea Party. I heard bad news in the doctor office on Monday. This pain in my hip that's been derailing me for the past six weeks is 'mild arthritis' causing major inflammation. Sure doesn't feel mild. So I got medicine and I am supposed to rest. Ha!

So I am back to adjusting my world. My hope is that once I get this flare up calmed-down, I can go back to my old lifestyle. I will pay more attention to little twinges in my hip so I slow down faster. That sounded funny- slow down faster :). But react quicker instead of thinking it will heal up on its own. A few more weeks of crazy, then summer when I can really prioritize getting my health put back together.

Yesterday was the pit. I can talk positive, but I have mental-crashes too. Yesterday was my day to feel dark and lost. Frustrated, angry, and beat-down. And the pain spiked through the roof. My hopes that it was fixable were dashed, so my mental strength collapsed and all those worries and fears smashed into me.

I had a few break-downs and melt-downs. Let a couple of deadlines slip. Then got myself to bed early. A good quote found me.


I am adjusting those sails. Again.

I got this. In my case, those words can mean the darkness- degenerative pain and broken-me. It can also mean light. I can do this. I can embrace change. Rise up. Shine.

Meet that big deadline. Onward :)

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