Welcome! Lenkaland shares my adventures in creative photography, raising two kids, writing, living with chronic illness, raising a daughter with dyslexia, and swimming with mermaids. Hope you have a nice stay!

Adventures in Photography

Adventures in Photography

Last week showed me exactly why I adore photography. I have amazing adventures, all in the name of documenting families and events, with a sprinkle of magic.

What did last week look like in my world? Let's see...

That shirt? It's not a shirt... I photographed an all day camouflage body paint with Alison Kenyon This image is only the beginning, a sneak peek. Because we are working on a few epic projects for our shared adventures with Viral Media INK. Keep an eye out for the finished artwork here and on our Facebook Page.

Then, I finished edits and posted KVMR Celtic Festival galleries

KVMR Celtic Festival | Lenkaland Photography

Anika and Ian were on their best behavior to meet the Queen.

I met with an amazing friend to roast pumpkin spice latte marshmallows from Rustic Puffs. Then photograph festive solar Lights from Allsop Home & Garden at the Inn Town Campground.

Lenkaland Photography

I edited mermaid galleries with Mermaid Ginger and Anika the Mermaid. The session was a few weeks before, the last official swim of the season. Seeing these two beauties in image after image inspired me for sure.

Mermaid Ginger and Anika the Mermaid | Lenkaland Photography

Then, I answered a call for a last-minute opportunity to be at a birthday party with a real dinosaur. A real dinosaur? Why, yes, an awesome real dinosaur from Dinosaur Events. What a spectacular way to celebrate a birthday! And the family was delightful (which always adds extra sparkle).

Then a beautiful wedding in the midst of a storm, where the love and family support made all the wind and wet weather irrelevant.

This morning, I listened to a podcast advising photographers to find their "niche". To choose one style that's a strength, then excel at that. Specialize in a type of images that become your "brand".

My brand? Adventure photography. Not the wild, jump-in-a-helicopter-and-snowboard-down-a-mountainside adventures, but fun and family adventures. The adventures that take our expected day and adds a little sparkle of magic, a sun flare or a mermaid or a dinosaur. Adventures can show us that Wonderland isn't down a rabbit hole. It's right here, if we just look through the right lens :)

I wonder what I will discover this week...

The Draft Horse Classic

The Draft Horse Classic

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