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41.4° Ouch.  Tough day.  The energy depletion is not refilling overnight.  That's one of my challenges.  Sleep, one night's sleep, doesn't dent the aching tired.  So I wake up feeling worse than the morning before, and worse than the morning before, and so on until nothing is left.  Running on fumes.  I'm not there these days, thank goodness, because the off days allow for recharging.  I have to use daytime hours to restore energy.  Downtime.  Which is in short supply.  And my sulking feet are letting me know.

Anika has school tomorrow.  Ian and I will (hopefully) have a restful morning.  Must try not to get spun out with chores.  It's hard to relax.  But this week demands it.  With the training on Monday, Faculty Meeting Tuesday, Ian at school Wednesday, and teaching today . . . payback :)

A Thursday

A Year with CMT Day 16