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A Strange Day

Never would have thought that today would be a writing day.  Anika's sick and Ian was awake for a good hour in the night when she came to our bed sick at 4am.  Yet while they napped I pulled out Frodo (my Netbook) and managed to write quite a bit for my rock-star story. My challenge now is pacing.  This is why I stopped writing short stories.  I like the pacing of a novel, character development, coloring the world, lots of texture and details . . .

So now I'm five hundred words from the end and the story is just warming up.  Drat.  I think I can pull it off.  Of course I can pull it off- I can do anything :).  Just how to ramp up the tension and conflict to the heart-stopping conclusion?  Hmm . . .  Take a little break.

Anika's officially sick.  She tossed her Sprite up into a bowl about ten minutes ago- 99 degree fever.  Spongebob is my background noise.  Ian keeps on napping on my lap.  So maybe I will write a few more sentences . . . hahahaha

1928 / 2500 words. 77% done!

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