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A (not so) Quiet Week

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope your day overflows with love! I'm sitting on the living room floor with Ian as he plays.  We're all sick.  Ian has snuffles and a cough that keeps him up at night (thus, I'm up at night).  Anika went to the doctor with persistent fever and cough.  She's on the other side of it all now but hers cough's still dramatic.  I'm congested with bleak headaches and fatigue.  We're all in 'get healthy' mode around here.

Ian's sitting up pretty well now and he bangs his toys with focused gusto.  So much fun.  Anika's busy making me a top secret Valentine card.  Songebob is on.  Again.  Still.  Because she's sick.  I could write a dissertation on Spongebob after this week.  What messages does the goofy sponge reflect in our larger world?

The snow keeps a-falling.  We're up to fifteen inches today.  Another big storm coming tonight.

Off to get ready for today's adventures . . .

Smile of the Day