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A Good Day

I did it!  The Goblin Queen is available here. The Goblin Queen Cover

Now on Lulu, pending release on multiple platforms.  It's available for download as an ebook.  I am working on distribution piece, which apparently takes 48 hours to catalog.  I'll pass along any news.

Once I had the tweaks worked out of my epub export from my (currently) trial version of iDesign from Adobe, the publishing was easy.  Upload the file and create a cover.

For the cover, I hit up istockphoto.com.  I purchased rights to the image for a few bucks, then created the rest on Fireworks.

Yes, the boy was at daycare today :)

My next project is sending the zombie story into epub.  Lulu had a free option at publishing, so I hope to put it out there for free.  Found a great zombie picture on the photo site.  I'll share the image tomorrow.  Very cool.

The adventure continues.  I also learned the new path for this self-publishing is called Indie Publishing.  Self-published has such murky emotions around it.  But there is a growing tide of Indie-Authors that make their books available and find great success on the path less traveled.  Sounds fun.  I have missed writing fiction so much.

I also checked records for The Goblin Queen on Kindle and people have been downloading the story.  I never even knew. Awesome!

Inspiration and now the cool new tool, my iMac.  Which I'll write more about soon.  Promise :)  For now, 11pm.  My curfew :)

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