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A Few Photos for Friday

I want to get technology turned off earlier tonight. Ha. I have a big day with Anika tomorrow.20121005-224148.jpg I am proud of the wheelchair accessible clause on the ticket. We reserved these back in May. At the time, I thought it was a little extreme. I could handle an arena. I talked to people in their offices for ages to get these together. Now, thank goodness I made that extra effort. I am meeting my aunt and cousin. My cousin and daughter are huge fans. We are making their dreams come true. Which feels great :)

So, rest. So, a few photos. 20121005-224719.jpg I just realized the Instagram update has stopped saving photos, so I don't have the collection I hoped to share. Oh well. You can find them on my Instagram feed @lenkaland. Hopefully soon I will have the energy to get them posted here.

If you want to follow the concert along with us, I will be trying my best to post on Instagram and Twitter. I am Lenkaland in both places. Will be an adventure no matter what!

Happy weekend!

Day After the Concert

Simple Words, Strong Feelings