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A Few For Project 52 in 2014

A Few For Project 52 in 2014


How quickly time slips from one day, one week into the next! A big project is taking a lot of my time, so this is my first chance to post in awhile. Luckily, I bring my camera everywhere so I have lots of choices for these images.

I choose you!


Divine Sunshine



During these weeks, we visited the river. We celebrated a cousin's birthday. We enjoyed a glimpse of spring warmth before winter found us again this week (photos for that soon).

We got to do what I love best. Spend time with people we love. I am grateful :)

Wishing you a lovely week :)

How is it 14 weeks in 2014 already?

Week 14 in 2014

Week 14 in 2014

Control is an Illusion

Control is an Illusion