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Among the Truffela Trees

Sleeping boy with his toes escaping the blanket . . .

The new game involved Ian sitting on a diaper package.  Anika pushed him three inches before he fell and she fell in fits of laughter.  The highlight of my day.

We had consumed-by-busy day.  We saw the second grade at NCSA perform The Lorax.  What a sweet and fun play.  They did a fantastic job.

Then Homework Club after school.  The kids are growing by wild leaps.  I'm thrilled to be part of their journey.

At home we were all about Valentine's.  There is no school on Friday so tonight we finished cards for Anika's class and my class.  Speaking of, I never did finish those cards.  I better get busy :)

Oh, an Anika's pet name for Ian these days is Baby Bock.  Something to do with a chicken.  She's a creative one :)

Oh, oh, and Paul and Mila are coming to Santa Cruz.  Whoohoo!  I think the party is thirty people strong now.  Can. Not. Wait!

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