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10 on 10 for March

10 on 10 for March

This past February gave us the gift of an extra day. A Monday. Part of me wanted to celebrate with a special treat or adventure. Then part of me realized that Mondays are special. Even ordinary Mondays. Where I pick up Ian from school and he chooses an after school snack. A banana which he cuts with a child-safe kitchen knife (it's plastic). Gives him a sense of importance without the risk. And his favorite noodles. While watching Youtube. Oh, and I did treat him to a Mango Tango juice (another favorite).


We had a nice little glimpse of spring.


I sat outside with the puppy so he could run off a little of his (seemingly) endless energy. Anika arrived home with carpool and rushed straight for her daily dose of puppy love.


He loves when the wind ruffles his ears.


He started a conversation (barking) with the neighbor dog. Which reminded Anika of her tree fort (which is really a hedge fort). She had to climb up to see if the view had changed since last summer. It hadn't changed much.


These have been her favorite boots all winter. Nothing like clambering in hedges in fuzzy boots.


She went inside for her snack and Ian came outside to play. That gap in the hedges leads to the fort, in case you're curious. Ian threw the ball for the puppy. Then tried scootering over the new growing grass. He couldn't go very fast, which he thought was hilarious.


Tiger watched intently.


Ian practiced basketball a bit, then needed his dose of puppy love.

He's been assigned his first chapter book at school so he cuddles with the penguin he's borrowing from a friend (Praig, which is a combination of Pengy and Craig for some reason). He's proud of his independence. So am I :)


And so passes another leap year.

I've also been trying to capture more video. Since even a Monday Leap Year is extra-special, here's a little lifestyle video to document the day. I wonder how different it will look in four years!

Leap Year from Lenka Vodicka on Vimeo.

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