I live under the tall pines in Nevada City, California with my two kids, husband, and fluffy dog. We enjoy adventures at the river, in comic book stores, and on occasional road trips. Everywhere I go, I bring my camera. I share our family photographs alongside my portrait sessions and weddings and mermaids.

My daughter is a mermaid. She and I create mermaid images that celebrate the magic we find underwater. 

I have cleaned rooms at a haunted hotel, taught kindergarten, created felt fairies, and wrote books (including Forest Fairy Crafts which remains on Amazon Needlecrafts and Textile Crafts bestseller list). I still write books and make fairies, though I let other talented teachers handle kindergarten :)

I was born with a genetic flaw that causes Hereditary Neuropathy also known as Charcot Marie Tooth or CMT (the doctors that discovered it, not anything to do with anything about the disease). CMT causes nerve damage, leading to muscle weakness and fatigue (which is why I no longer teach kindergaten). I am constantly learning and choosing a path that honors my limits while celebrating my abilities. It's no easy task and I hit walls all the time. I try to be patient and kind with myself. However, my blog is an authentic space where I share real life with chronic illness. With pacing and care, I can do the things that I love with the people I love.

My daughter has her own challenges with dyslexia. She and I share her journey here in the hopes of helping other families with learning differences.

Lenkaland is a place where all of my stories and my art comes together to play. If you are interested in one topic, all the links in the menu and footer will help you find those posts. 

I appreciate you stopping by :)

*Photography credits for my portraits go to Giovanni Paolo Studios and Erin at The Outside Inn