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Thirteen Looks Good at the Trampoline Park

Thirteen Looks Good at the Trampoline Park

Little brothers and sisters love when their big sisters have a party at the Trampoline Park.

One of the many things that I love about young teens is that they have mad skills, and still love being kids. They leap into chances. Photographs were both challenging and so rewarding! I mean, look at these tricks!

They look weightless.

Yet still let their silly out.

Ian loved jumping up the walls (he's allowed for once :)). And running leaps.

The birthday girl. Good memories for her for sure.

I adore how Anika and Ian find one another. They still wear matching tie dye shirts (unplanned). And still sit together to rest before the next round of jumping. Even after all the wrestling and squabbling, all the fussing and complaining, they find each other in the end. Sisters and brothers forever.

Jump and jump and jump and laugh and jump more.

Then sugar.

Make a wish.

The orange socks from the trampoline park. Matching looks good.

I love how this party let them be active and wild and silly. What a great way to welcome thirteen!

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