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Photo of the Week

I do not take photos like this very often. Most of my pictures tell a story of my adorable-charming-amazing kids :). This one . . . tells me many stories. I snapped the picture on the beach in Santa Cruz earlier this week. The two guys (one is taking photos behind the reflecting board) and girl spent all morning on this photo-shoot. At first we thought it was a project for school, then maybe a collection for her portfolio, who knows?

The beach was deserted week-day morning, so they were bound to attract attention from anyone nearby.

What gets me about this photo is Anika's stance and the girl's pose. Anika wearing her rash-guard and swim shorts, all utiliataritan beach-wear. Yet the color of their outfits matches. It's almost like looking through a portal in time for my little girl, herself in ten years. Yikes!

And what is she thinking as she watches this scene?

I wonder if it's a message that makes me a sad. A transition from sand and play and wild-running through the waves towards a staged beach experience, a backdrop where beauty becomes image more than experience.

A photo with many stories. Makes me appreciate the little girl she is today :)

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