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I should plan a party for day 14,000.  Sounds like a day to celebrate. The usual fun around here with kids and changing weather and one week left of school.  One week left.  Phew.

The interview was a lot of fun.  I'll talk about it more on tomorrow's live show.  Yes, live, call me!  We have a phone number now: (530)652-4334.  We will be on air at 2pm Pacific Time.  Call and you'll be my hero :).  Watch online here.

We'll share our stories.  I'll talk about assistive technology, including fun ideas like video games.  We'll also start a discussion based on a book being released this week.  Tony Hseih kindly sent me an advance copy of Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose.  I'll post a review later this week- it's not a disability book, but our lessons are life lessons, so I'll take my learning anywhere.  He talks about Core Values.  Which got me thinking about our community's core values.  And my own.  It will be fun discussion- join in!

Outside of community news, we're also building a planter box.  No, Gio and Paul (my brother) built a planter box.  We want to grow more tomatoes.  A pepper plant.  A pumpkin.

I took the kids to the river today because the warming weather felt so good.  The river was so wide and fast, the beaches were underwater.  We had a narrow strip of sand.  The kids didn't mind.  Ian threw clumps of sand into the water and Anika built a small castle.  I've never seen the river so wild at Bridgeport.  Pretty amazing.

No major anything for me.  Yet my hip is mad.  Really mad.  Every step mad.  Tweaks of pain and soreness even when I sit still.  Yikes.  Reminds me that I must slow down.  Even when I have 100 things that I want done yesterday.  Oh well.  Hopefully it feels better in the morning :)

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