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Fuchsia Tiger

Every Tuesday, at our lcoal coop market, Penney the Clown paints faces for donations.  It's part of her volunteering at the market.  The kids are the real winners.  Anika sees Penney and jumps out of her skin excited.  Today she sat down and said, I want a pink tiger with blick stripes and green eyes over my eyelids. Here is the magic that Penney created:

Anika's eyes are closed.  If you look closely, you can see her eyelashes.  The effect is amazing!  Here is Anika with her eyes open.

Pink Tiger

And with closed eyes again for the complete look

Penney is a local treasure.  For Nevada County and nearby folk, her website is here.

The funny thing to me is that Anika plans the whole face-paint.  She asks to visit Penney.  She loves it.

Then she gets home, lets me take a few pictures, and runs to the bathroom to wash it all off.  It itches, she says.  Ah, the fleeting art of childhood :)

The reason I take so many photos :)

Here is the complete gallery if you want lots of fuchsia tigers.  :)

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