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Discovery Kingdom Road Trip

We're home from our road trip.  Realized we haven't done a weekend trip since the summer time.  One thing after another :).  We didn't take a single photo this weekend.  I must be tired :) I loved visiting with my cousin/best friend and her little boy (around Anika's age).  Ian actually enjoyed the rides this time.  He chose the panda on the carousel and loved the choo-choo in Thomas Town.  Adored the shark tunnel and kept wanting to walk back despite the moving floor pushing him towards the exit.

Anika still refuses any ride that moves faster than she can run.  She loves spinning rides, though, and Monkey Business (think Disney Teacups with cauldrons (where they cook monkeys?)) is still her favorite.  Never really thought about why the ride is called Monkey Business with cauldrons.  Something to do with cannibels, maybe.  I'll have to investigate next time.

We stayed over at my cousin's house.  She is expecting a baby in  the spring, which is so exciting!  The weekend went way too fast.

This week is fall break, no school.  And rain arrived today.  So it maybe a rainy day home with both kids tomorrow.  Hmmm . . . need a project :)

But we may get a surprise!  I won't give it away in case we need to wait a day or two.  A hint?  Okay, some very cute pictures may be posted soon :)

For now, an early bedtime :)

Photo of the Week

Dragonfly Renaissance