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Clean House, Summer Camp, and (Hopefully) Siestas

Last week I started cleaning the house.  One room a day, I told myself.  Except the first day, it was part of a kitchen counter.  Another day, Anika's room and part of the living room.  A big impact of my husband's job-loss is that we had to let go of our own household help- cleaning every other week.  I realized with her gone, I became more comfortable with our clutter.  I was able to let the floor disappear under toys.  I was also sick, under orders to rest.  Letting the whole wrecked house bother me was another stress that wouldn't help anyone.  So I started last week.  Then remembered why it's so hard. The mess comes back!  I turn around and new toys have found the floor.  New piles clutter up tables.  And everything demands my attention- notice me, notice me.  Ugh.  Easier to look right past it or over or around it.  Oh well.  This week, I hope to tame my bedroom/office/art studio.  One section at a time.

At the same time, summer camp started in our home.  We can't afford any outside actitivies this summer.  No additional stress on the over-stressed bank accounts.  No vacations, either.  Usually my summer is a bunch of activities broken up by a week here and there at home.  Not this summer.  So I figured I would take my teacher-sense to the project.  We would have a theme.  And projects.  And a schedule.  With a siesta every afternoon :)

We did have our first siesta today.  I must teach Ian the beauty of siesta.  Kicking his sister seemed like bunches of fun to him instead of chilling with books.

Anyway, last week was derailed by Mission Clean the House.  I'm trying to get back on track today by not letting the television and Xbox be their big summer adventures.

Today we had a picnic at the park.  We found a cool spin-art machine so we had spin-art after siesta.  And Anika went to gymnastics (our commitment for now until that becomes too expensive for the budget).

Oh, and no job for my husband.  We're on month 4 now.  Yikes!  He's hitting wall after wall, which is very frustrating.

We are having plenty of fun even with all of the stress.  This weekend we had a last-minute cousin gathering.

I was so happy to see my little baby cousin/nephew, Will.  I couldn't take many pictures because my good camera is being repaired, but I liked this one from the point-and-shoot.

Peaceful dreams :)

Off to approve the repairs to my camera, which will be $201.  Yikes!  Still, must be done.  I miss it so so much!

I've really been thinking about my dream-future.  I always figured that writing and publishing was my destiny.  And I love story-telling :).  But the publishing world is a tough place to call home.  Lately, I've been thinking of the photography path.  What if . . .?

Always fun to dream :)


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