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Busy in Lenkaland

I have to catch up with the past few weeks. Weeks? Already? Sheesh, time flies. The past weeks had the flurry of teaching the last couple weeks of school. Sure, the kids wind down and celebrate, but the teacher-life amps up with report cards, room cleaning, and closure. My co-teacher is having a baby, so I dreamed up the idea of a baby mobile as a parting gift.

The children all helped with the fairies. They sewed the hats and wound the clothing. I will post more about the process on the Forest Fairy Craft site (hopefully soon). I had never made a mobile before. Bending the wire and balancing the fairies was an adventure.

We all loved the results! A perfect gift.

We also had a trip to Monterey. We hadn't visited Monterey for a long while. We have close family to visit (yay!) and, of course, the beach!

We got cloud-swept skies and quiet beaches. Spring is actually a great time to visit the coast because summer brings fog. These sunny shores were a treat!

Anika and Ian showed their personalities by the Modern Art Museum. It was closed but we walked past this cool mural on our way to the wharf.

Clouds grayed over the next day. Which was pretty, too.

Returning to school, Anika finished her Native Californians study and built a shelter in the style of her chosen tribe. They had an entire village. Very cool.

The last day of school. We brought a rose for the arch that children walk through as a symbol of stepping up to the next grade.

Here they are with the arch. Families wind all of the flowers through the arch to create a beautiful gateway into the next grade.

Anika is going into fifth grade and Ian will be in kindergarten. They grow so fast! I am super-excited to see what is next in their journey. Their personalities delight me :)

And onto summer!

Ian figured out going underwater within a day of swimming in the pool. Jumping became a big thrill!

The very next day, he announced, "I am going off of the diving board!"

He leapt right off of the end and hasn't stopped.

We all need a little relaxing-time after the excitement...

In the midst of all this fun, Forest Fairy Crafts released! The fairies and friends are getting wonderful reviews. I appreciate all of the lovely responses. I have been in a fairy-making whirlwind. In fact, I am busy today prepping for next week's visit to San Diego.

Always an adventure :)

Wishing you summer-fun today!

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